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Inspiring Your Shine / Brand Development for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Join Personal Growth Mentor Rebecca Keselburg to create a foundation for six figure success in social selling. Learn to be Authentically YOU activate your power and align with your God given purpose, so you can light up the world like only you can.  

Nov 14, 2019

This podcast expands on the most listened to episode to date Wealthy Mindset Secrets.  Prosperity is not just about money it is about having well being and abundance in all areas of your life. To build a long term sustainable business you must develop a wealthy mindset so tune in to learn what you need to possess...

Nov 2, 2019

Organization goes so much deeper than keeping things neat and clean. Disorganization will impact your well being, cause conflict with people you love, cost you money, and cause feelings of overwhelm and stress. Listen in for simple tactics you can implement today even if you are naturally a messy person like me.